Is it Time to Re-Certify?

To maintain your INTERACT™ Certified Champion certification, you are required to complete the recertification process every two years. If your certification has expired, now is the perfect time to recertify!  

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You worked hard to obtain the distinction of being an INTERACT™ Certified Champion, and we know that the past 19 months have been very challenging.

We are offering our online INTERACT™ Certified Champion Recertification Course at a significantly discounted price of $69 (Regularly priced at $129).  

As an extra bonus, a free copy of the INTERACT™ Policy & Procedure will also be included for FREE (Regularly priced at $99). This is a $229 value for only $69!! 

Note: This discounted price and bonus free copy of the INTERACT™ Policy and Procedure manual will only be available for a limited time.

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